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2010 OSDC

Well it looks like I am heading off to OSDC in Melbourne this year. Very much looking forward to seeing whats happening in the FLOSS world.

Open Source Developers' Conference 2010 Web Badge

20100210 - Wednesday

Ok, after a lot more reading and lots of grep'ing I found another location for package dependencies, where the ExtUtils::MakeMaker package looks for package dependencies =) I couldn't get anything useful out of #perl, but a conversation did indirectly lead there... So here is another attempt to get the cpantesters matrix to build cleanly.

20100209 - Tuesday

Ok, so the build scripts for the cpantesters matrix don't like the meta.yml file, it appears they want META.yml instead. So I've renamed it and will see how it builds tonight. This wasn't easy to find, there is a wiki which I read several times through. I browsed through a couple of packages on and it dawned on me it was a case issue...

20100208 - Monday

Updated some typos and fixed up the pod where I had not updated all the name spaces from the development module names.

20100204 - Friday

Right then, this is a kickoff of my work including a bunch of perl modules that collaborating with Andy Kirkpatrick. We work at the University of Adelaide and our focus is to publish some infrastructure modules that are some what core to our application but not specific to the business logic. Therefore other educational institutions can make use them too and hopefully help improve the state of play.

So the core of the application is based on Mojolicious::Lite at the moment. At a later point of time we would like to move to Mojolicious and build up a number of supporting modules. The first of these and my first serious venture into web applications since I worked at Growzone. I've been lost in the sysadmin wilderness for a while. Have been quite enjoying coding again =)

I've been tinkering with Mojolicious at home for some time, building a few little apps with a SQLite backend. Was a lot easier than I was expecting.

Have been on the Mojo discussion google group, talked about the namespace issue and Sebastian has suggested to use the MojoX::Auth::* namespace. So I thought I'd start out with the "Simple" version and push up other versions as we are happy with them. Eventually we would like to authenticate against a CAS backend, but to start with I think the next one will be an LDAP version. What other authentication backends do folks use? SQLIte, MySQL and PostgreSQL I suppose. All in good time =) I expect that using anything that has DBI or DBIx::Class hooks should be easy enough to implment. We'll see what other work the next few weeks deliver.

I have applied for a PAUSE login so that I an publish these modules onto CPAN. When thats all sorted out I recon I can prepare a talk for the Adelaide Perl Mongers. Justin is also working on Mojo web applications too, so there is some local interest. Acutally getting these modules out was partially inspired by Justin after he published Mojolicious::Plugin::SimpleSession.